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Distinkt Cards proudly supports a number of charities:

Breakthrough Cancer Research

Registered Charity Number: 437555

Breakthrough Cancer Research is an international charity that fights to reduce deaths from cancer.

We fund the efficient and effective development of new treatments for cancer.

We work to significantly increase the number of people who can survive this disease. Research programmes funded by Breakthrough Cancer Research focus on translating lab discoveries into new treatment opportunities. We work closely with clinicians so that our research is targeted at finding new options for poor prognosis and incurable cancers.

Over the last ten years our researchers have brought five cancer treatments from the laboratory to clinical trial with three more in preparation over the coming months. With additional financial assistance we can accelerate the rate at which these lab discoveries are brought to those who need them most.

Our research is vital because despite significant increases in the numbers of people surviving cancer, 7.6 million people worldwide still die each year from this disease. That is, despite treatment, they cannot be saved. We urgently need new treatment options to increase the number of people who will survive cancer.

We have no annual source of guaranteed funding and our work could not continue without the generous support of the public and business community.

Our promise is to understand why certain cancers do not respond to conventional therapies and to find new treatments that will work. When someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, our passionate and innovative scientists will work tirelessly to ensure there are treatments available that can save their life.

Don't just wish for a future free from cancer….help make one.


Real Aid

Changing Children’s Lives Registered Charity Number: 1089316

Mission Statement: "To advance education worldwide and for the public benefit to relieve persons and in particular children who are suffering sickness, need, hardship or distress anywhere in the world as a result of famine, drought, flood, war or any other calamity"

Real Aid is passionate about changing children’s lives by alleviating child poverty, improving sanitation and advancing children’s education. We work intensively in the UK and abroad with projects in Sierra Leone, Albania, Bulgaria and Yorkshire.

Real Aid believes that all children have the right to an education and we support 16 schools in Sierra Leone by paying teacher salaries and providing thousands of education packs to children, enabling them to fulfil their dreams. Many of these schools are in rural communities where everyday life is particularly hard. Delivering educational support and health aid to orphanages, children’s centres and families living in abject poverty in Eastern Europe are some of our priorities, and we have built and maintain children and community centres in poverty stricken rural areas in Bulgaria and Albania.

Unlike many other organisations Real Aid does not rely on outside funding, all present costs can be met from income from our charity shops. Any additional funding will enable us to expand projects. This is very important to as it means that when we receive a private donation we can guarantee that the donation goes directly to help others. Your donation will make a real difference with Real Aid.

No child should be denied nutrition, sanitation or education. Support Real Aid, buy a Distinkt Card and begin to change a child’s life.



Against Violence and Abuse

Registered Charity Number: 1134713

AVA aims to create a world without violence against women and girls.

Our mission is to inspire innovation and collaboration and encourage and enable direct service providers to help end violence against women and girls

In the UK 40% of teenagers are in abusive relationships. Currently there is no statutory duty for schools to teach young people about safe and healthy relationships. This means it is vital for us to educate young people about how to stay safe in relationships and to challenge abusive and inappropriate behaviour. We do this by training professionals (such as teachers, social workers and police) and working with young people to give them the skills they need to become peer educators who can then go on to advise and support their peers to help them develop relationships based on mutual respect and a commitment to non-violence. We also train practitioners to run community based groups for mothers and children who have experienced domestic violence to help them recover and move on safely.

We believe that all children and young people have the right to be safe and respected and the right to information, education and support to understand issues relating to relationship abuse.

Help end violence and support AVA by choosing Distinkt Cards.


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