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About Emily:

Emily lives in the sunny town of Hastings. Her work draws inspiration from many artists, from the East and the West, favouring classical children’s book illustration and traditional storytelling. It is Emily’s colourful imagination and whimsical approach that fills her designs with a warm and inviting sense of playfulness.

Emily’s Favourite Illustration:

“From the illustrations that I have created for Distinkt Cards, my favourites have to be the “Under the Sea Christmas” range. The sea symbolizes home for me, and I love translating that nostalgia into illustrations based around the seaside and all of its fishy inhabitants. From the range, the Octopus Santa Claus piece was an absolute joy to make. It was a playful take on the traditional Christmas scene as the Octopus Santa has his sleigh pulled along by his trusty Seahorse companions, helping him deliver all his presents to all the under the sea creatures. I love Octopi, and find them beautifully fascinating creatures which are always fun to characterize through illustration, so I was thrilled to be able to bring them to a range, for Distinkt cards.”


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